About us

EnviroTech Lighting…

leader in Value Engineered LED Lighting Fixtures and Retrofits.

  • EnviroTech Lighting was founded over 8 years ago by ESCO Industry professionals who identified a need for value-engineered, energy efficient lighting fixtures and retrofits.
  • We specialize in Commercial and Industrial Lighting Retrofit market and offer products that save customers energy, qualify for valuable utility rebates/incentives and maximize payback and ROI.
  • Our products are all DesignLights Consortium (DLC), Energy Star and Lighting Facts certified.
  • Initially focusing Fluorescent and Induction lighting solutions, EnviroTech Lighting has fully embraced LED Technology and the inherent benefits it offers, such as increased energy savings, longer lifespan, improved efficacy and ability to be integrated with lighting controls.
  • EnviroTech Lighting offers solutions designed for the Commercial and Industrial lighting retrofit market where customers are replacing older, inefficient lighting with new fixtures or retrofits.